Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

How I Broke My Arm
When I broke my arm the first time, I broke two bones. One of them was broke more than the other. A few days ago I was rollerblading and I still had a titanium rod in my arm. I was wearing all the pads I needed to but I fell on some pavement (I am not as careful on dirt and grass as I am on pavement because I know if I fall it won't hurt as much). So there was some really dirty pavement and it looked like it was dirt. So I wasn't acting as careful and I fell and I broke my arm. I didn't know it was broke until we went to the doctor the next day. I was scheduled to get a rod taken out of my arm. I had surgery on Friday and they took the rod out of my arm and fixed the broken bone. By the way, the rod was dented about 15 to 16 degree angle. It was bent too far to stay in there. Now I have to wear a cast for who knows how long. When will this stupid arm ever heal?

Ted the Bear and his Underware
My father saw an amazing thing the other day. It was this picture. PC110132.JPG He asked for an explanation and this is my version of the story:

Ted the bear was terrified, as the waters were rising, and he could not swim. He tried to learn to swim once, but it turned out that he was a stuffed bear, and without blubber and lungs, let alone gills, he didn’t have much luck in the water. He asked several neighbors if he could come along with them as they evacuated. But the neighbors all knew Ted’s secret: he was fond of women’s underwear. And not just plain women’s underwear, oh no, Ted liked the red fancy kinds, especially teddies. When the water was high enough for boats to come by Ted started to get very tired and scared. He asked a Cajun guy named Boodreaux in a motor boat if he could come along. Boodreaux said “I done been warned not to pick up de bears, and I be knowin’ bout you, and youse underwear.” Ted got angry and took off his clothes, except for the underwear of course. He made a lasso out of his clothes and he latched it on to Boodreaux’s motor. Ted pulled and pulled, and finally the motor came off of the boat. Boodreaux drowned after cursing the bear. Ted died in his fancy red underwear, right next to the motor that almost motored him to dry land.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why Oot Needs A Friend for Christmas
With all the homework I am getting, I don't have much time for other things. One of them is Oot. Whenever I go over to his cage he is curled up, trying to look happy. But I can tell there is a look of lonliness on his face. Do you know that sugar gliders can die of lonliness? It is true. They need you to spend time with them each day, and that does not just mean to hold them in a pouch. You need to play with them, like letting them out and letting them jump around. I don't have enough time. The internet strongly recommends that you get another one if you don't have the time. So Oot needs a friend.

I would like one that is a girl. I wonder what to name her? Maybe Midnight or I don't know... Oh, I got it! This is an African American name that means You fish on your side and I fish on mine and noone fishes in the middle. Just kidding! I will know sooner or later. What if they had a baby? I could name it Minnie Me. If she would eat meal worms, then she could teach Oot to eat the. He doesn't eat them, and he really needs to. Then he might not stink so much (they stink if they have a bad diet). Then I wouldn't have to clean his cage so often. Less chores for me and more time for other stuff. Yeah! It would not only be a good present for me, but also for Oot. It would be the ultimate Christmas present.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tel Zayit Inscription
Remember how I went on the dig last summer at Zeitah in Israel? Well there was a bit of info that I left out because it was secret. We found a 3,000 year old abecedary. We had to swear to secrecy for a while but now we can tell you about it because it has been published. Dan was the one who found it. It was a stone that was in a wall and it was the last day of the dig that he found it. I found an article about our find on Time For Kids. It is a Kids' magazine about what is happening in the world. It was about our inscription. We read it in class. I think my teacher didn't believe me that I was part of the great find. Want to see the article, well just click on this. Pretty neat, huh?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Christmas List
Dear Santa, I have 10 items on this list. You can choose any of the ones you want and however many of the ones you want to give me. And if there are any other things that you think that I might like you can give those to me also. I've done many good things to deserve these like be nice to my brother Gilgamesh, take out the trash, feed the dogs every now and then, do my homework, my chores, and other things. I've also been nice to my parents, my friends, and all the pets in my family. Every now and then I might get into a fight with Gilgamesh, But Santa, you know how siblings are, we do that kind of stuff.
*1. A micro-spy kit. I like spy things.
*2. A laser trip wire. People always get into my stuff and I need some protection from it so this would be a good alarm.
*3. A slurpy machine with a few sodas which would preferably be orange. It usually gets hot in New Orleans where I usually live and I also like slurpies.
*4. A tyco RC train twister. I like remote control cars and this one has unique abilities so it can go in snow, grass, mud, dirt, and even water.
*5. Ed, Ed, and Eddie: The Misadventures video game for GameCube. I have a Gamecube and I've seen the commercials for these and it looks pretty fun.
*6. The Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I have the Legend of Zelda the Windwaker and I love it.
*7. Chicken Little for Gamecube. It looks fun and the movie also looks great. I want to try out the game.
*8. The Game of Life: The Simpsons Edition. We won't have much electricity in New Orleans and this would be a fun board game to play in the candlelight because I love the Simpsons and the game of Life is fun too.
*9. Pokemon XD with Gamecube skin (Stickers). This is a Gamecube game also. I like the idea of having stickers and also I love pokemon games.
*10. Operation video game: Kids next door. This is also a Gamecube game and I like Kids Next Door.

SO there you have it, my Christmas list.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What is Really Happening:

I know that the last poem I wrote was kind of harsh. This is what is really happening: We have a huge Christmas tree that we bought for 20.00$ at HyVee. GREAT DEAL! We have tons of ornaments and we will have plenty of toys this Christmas. This Christmas will be even better because most of our cousins and family are here. So we will have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Christmas Versus Katrina
We cry, we weep, we cannot sleep
Without nighmares short and long,
I'll ask of you not to feel sorry
as you read this song.

A hurricane wrecked our things
and even how we live,
I'll tell you now I'll tell you once
People this is no fib.

Katrina destroyed our house
and the things we own,
And even worse we still have to pay
off all of our family's loans.

We have little money for toys,
though we have a Christmas tree,
We barely have enough
for decorations you see.

A hurricane wrecked our Christmas
there's really not much to know,
but please oh please
don't give us any pity so.

Have a happy Christmas,
please do that for us,
This might sound crazy but please
give me some trust.

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